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Landscape Design

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Visualized Landscape provides professional landscaping services in North Las Vegas and nearby areas, making Las Vegas homes more beautiful, elegant, and functional with our range of expert landscaping services.

Contact us for a consultation to discuss your yard plans and prepare a personalized approach to creating a new backyard landscaping design that will enhance your outdoor space and raise the value of your property. Choose the best option from all Las Vegas landscaping companies. 

Our experienced and skilled specialists are dedicated to ensuring every project goes quickly, smoothly, and safely with a final result that exceeds expectations.


Why Choose Us

Visualized Landscape is a landscaping contractor company in Las Vegas that has the skill, experience, and passion to handle every step of the design and installation of every aspect of your new yard. We go above and beyond to ensure your yard will stand out as a unique and beautiful outdoor space.

Whether you are looking for the construction and design of new yard features such as a fountain or fire pit, irrigation instalation and repair, or creating a full redesign of your yard, we can make your vision a reality. Contact our knowledgeable, highly experienced, and personable staff who will work with you to provide the best-personalized landscaping and hardscaping services in North Las Vegas.

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Our Las Vegas Landscaping Services

We deliver full professional landscaping services with extensive experience providing top-quality, highly personalized landscaping and yard installations.

Our service areas include

A lush, beautiful backyard oasis is what home ownership dreams

Artificial Grass has become a common choice for homeowners due

Retaining walls are a great addition to a home, giving support to your soil

Hardscaping is any part of your landscaping plan that is made of non-living parts

Having a fully functioning irrigation system can offer a range of benefits. 

Paving is a great way to expand your functional outdoor space.

A water feature can really elevate your yard with a touch of elegance

Adding a fire pit to your yard extends the enjoyment you will

From walkways to patios, we have the solution.

If you’ve ever dreamt of having a luscious, green lawn covering your yard

Landscape Design


Our company pays special attention to the details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client. Our goal is to enhance the exterior of your home, raise your property value, and beautify your whole neighborhoodContact us today to schedule a consultation for all of your hardscape and landscaping needs. When choosing between Las Vegas landscaping companies rely on the experience of the contractor.

Our Backyard Landscaping Process

So what can you expect when you choose us for your next outdoor project?

While the details will differ according to the specifics of your project, all of our projects follow 3 simple steps:

landscaping design


Design Consultation

We schedule all of our customers for an in-person consultation. We’ll focus on understanding your needs in detail, and will also analyze the site of the project to better understand the approach that will be needed. Based on this evaluation and our discussions with you about your goals for the project, we can provide an initial project estimate at this stage.




We work closely with you during the planning phase to create a detailed design, covering the cost of materials and the logistics of getting materials to the site and storing them. Once we have created the design we can finalize the quote and schedule your project.

water feauture



This is where your project starts coming to life. We begin transforming your yard according to the design we agreed with you. Upon completion of your new yard, we make a full clean-up of the area and apply all the finishing touches.

We are fully committed to designing and installing the most timeless custom yard installations in North Las Vegas. Our knowledgeable, experienced, and personable staff are more than up to the task of exceeding your expectations.

Our Recent Las Vegas Landscaping Projects

What Our Customers Say:





The costs include material and equipment expenses, project fees and cleanup charges, and the landscaper's labor. It depends on the project's scope and size, but the estimation is landscaping services could cost anywhere from $500 to $20K or more.
Sandy deserts and grassy valleys are the typical landscape in Nevada. You'll see rocky mountain slopes, lakes, and forests. Although dry terrain is prevalent in some areas, you'll find many plants succeeding in these conditions.
Experts estimate that you should invest approximately a tenth of your property value in landscaping. If you have a house worth $300K, landscaping needs might require a $30K budget plus maintenance costs.
A landscaper can recommend the best course of action for your property, such as plants that need low maintenance. Some other steps they might take are reducing lawn size to minimize irrigation requirements, adding artificial grass, etc.
Your front yard adds to the home's curb value. You'll need beautiful plants that aren't demanding to maintain, and you could plant or use existing trees. Ground cover and rock features could hide unsightly areas and don't forget optimal lighting fixtures.
You should only do landscaping if you have enough experience and knowledge. Otherwise, it's much better to contact a professional landscaper. They'll analyze the terrain and suggest the best options. Of course, you'll make the final call, but a professional will ensure the options chosen will fit your landscape specifics.
They are experienced professionals with years spent creating stunning outdoor areas. A landscape designer can suggest beautiful, sustainable, and budget-friendly solutions for your yard. Working with a pro guarantees the best results, ensuring you'll be happy with the project's outcome.
A stunning landscape increases curb value and boost the overall worth of your home. An attractive yard will seem inviting to children and adults. It'll inspire social gatherings and an active lifestyle. Finally, it can provide shade, reduce flooding issues, and be an eco-friendly solution.
According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, you can increase the total home worth by up to 15% with fantastic landscaping. It depends on your yard's specific terrain, ongoing costs, and current setup.
Spring is the best season for most landscaping needs. Suppose you plan on planting shrubs or trees; doing that in April or May is recommended. It'll give enough time for them to grow until summer and strengthen before the winter comes.
Our experts have years of experience designing and installing landscapes in Las Vegas. We know the terrain and climate and use that to suggest the best solutions for your yard. Our team works closely to design the landscape that fits your budget and preferences, ensuring our work meets and exceeds your expectations!
Yes, our team is ready to provide free estimates on landscaping project costs. First, we'll listen to your preferences and discuss potential options. Based on that, we'll provide a quote, so you have an idea about how much the project could cost.