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What is hardscaping

What Is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping is any part of your landscaping plan that is made of non-living parts. So, if it’s not a plant, flower, or tree- then it’s part of hardscaping design. This is a vital part of your curb appeal that creates balance in your outdoor living environment.

Hardscaping is a valuable investment in your property that will last for years with some general upkeep.

When you think of the best-loved areas in gardens, backyards, and corporate green spaces, constructs like patios, walkways, fire pitsfountains, and driveways come to mind. This is hardscaping at work. When used with landscape design, you unite the freedom of nature and the order of brick and mortar.

Our Hardscaping Installation Services For Your Backyard

Visualized Landscape can complete a variety of hardscaping services near you that will make your outdoor space more functional and attractive. Each hardscape installation service is a custom order and made to suit your property’s unique needs and characteristics.


Whether you need a wall for privacy or to create more order in your outdoor living space, brick can be used in countless ways. Create benches, garden hedges, or use bricks as the main component of your outdoor kitchen. 

Fire Pits

Safely have a fire outdoors in a solid space that burns wood, coal, or holds a gas fire. This can include a simple standalone fire pit or a full-fledged outdoor fireplace with a chimney connected to a patio.

Water Features

There’s nothing like the sound of rushing water to make a garden, corporate plaza, or backyard more soothing. Ask us about customizing a fountain or another type of water feature to add an existing element to your hardscaping plan.


This outdoor paved “floor” is one of the basics but most useful complements to landscape design.  Whether you want to make a patio out of bricks, paving, or natural stone, we can create a beautiful patio that matches your vision.


Whether you need a new walkway or to define a few places on your property, custom paving makes it possible. We use strong and durable cement pavers that are built to last. Ask us about your options, which include tile, stone, and granite. 

Retaining Walls

This structure provides much-needed soil support and prevents runoff that can negatively affect the appeal of your property. As we plan your retaining wall, you have many choices among colors, materials, patterns, and styles. We also repair existing retaining walls and inspect them.

Visualized Landscape: Las Vegas Local Landscapers

Backyard Hardscaping Materials For Your Las Vegas Outdoor Space

We can enhance your outdoor living space with hardscaping made of a variety of hardscaping materials. There are countless ways to customize your project with different colors, textures, shapes, and other features.

As a leading professional hardscape company near you in Northern Las Vegas with over 15 years of experience, Visualized Landscape can complete the design and installation of your hardscaping project to enhance your outdoor living space. Whether you need some general upkeep or to create a new walkway, contact us, we’re here for you.

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