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Real Grass and Sod Installation in Las Vegas

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If you’ve ever dreamt of having a luscious, green lawn covering your yard without having to put in hours of hard work preparing the soil, sowing the seeds, and nurturing the grass, sod is the solution for you.

SOD Installation in las vegas nv

Why Would You Need a Sod Installation?

Grass sod installation near you is a popular choice in Las Vegas for homeowners who want a beautifully curated garden suitable for entertaining or sports without spending the average of 18 months it takes to grow a full lawn from seedlings.

Sod is installed in square pieces made up of densely rooted mature grass that usually comes in rolls or sheets. Before laying out sod, the underlying soil must be properly tilled and enriched with nutrients to ensure the grass patches root into the ground.

Our grass installation company will work with you to decide what areas of your yard would be best for sodding before working the soil in preparation for planting. 

The Benefits of Lawn Sodding Near Las Vegas

Lawn Sodding is a great option for Las Vegas homeowners that want a
natural-looking yard that can still be host to a number of activities.

If you’re wondering if real grass sod installation is what you need, here are a few pros to consider include:

Our grass sod installation company only work with the best sod growers to provide you with a green space that is lush and long-lasting. 

Whether you are considering installing sod on your front lawn, rooftop garden, or corporate plaza, contact us and our designers can help you create just the sodded paradise you have in mind in a time frame that works for you.

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sod in las vegas nv
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Sod installation Service FAQ

Most people will spend about two hours installing a pallet of sod covering 500 to 700 square feet of ground. This refers to the actual unloading of the sod, cutting to size, and placement on the soil, but does not include the soil preparation for placement that must be completed before installation. Sod should sit on the pallet for no more than 12 hours before planting. 

While installing sod can be done relatively quickly, the preparation of the soil beforehand can take significantly longer. To prepare the ground before sod installation in Las Vegas our landscaping experts begin by clearing the ground of any debris like rocks or weeds and removing any existing grass patches that will interrupt the new sod.

Once cleared, it is necessary to till the ground a couple of inches until the top layer of soil is completely disturbed but level. While tilling or quickly afterward, a compost mix is added to enrich the soil. Once properly treated, landscapers will firm up the ground by adding some water and rolling over the soil. 

If the homeowner wants an in-the-ground sprinkler system, this is the time our designers will install it. Followed by another grating, the ground will finally be ready for sod installation.

Yes. Sod needs regular irrigation, with more waterings initially to help the grass plots take root. It is important to saturate the new sod within an hour of installation to stimulate root growth and give the grass the best chance to thrive.

Depending on sun and wind exposure, most Las Vegas homeowners can water their lawn just once or twice a day to maintain healthy coverage. Sprinkler systems are encouraged to help keep a regular watering schedule and cut down on accidental overwatering.

We recommend watering your new sod in the morning and evening to maximize absorption and minimize evaporation by the sun. A good rule of thumb is that you need to water the lawn if the top two inches of the soil is dry. 

It is best to avoid walking or putting heavy objects on new grass installations for two to four weeks after planting, depending on how quickly the grass takes root. Walking on sod that hasn’t taken root could damage the grass before it has a way to take in nutrients that help it quickly heal itself, potentially killing it. After a month of regular watering, the healthy sod will definitely be ready for regular use.

No, you cannot lay sod over existing grass because the roots of the new sod will not be able to penetrate the soil if blocked by densely rooted patches of existing grass. For this reason, it is important to remove any existing weeds or grass and till the ground before installing sod.

It will usually start to blend in as the grass takes root in the soil. Most new lawns are rooted within two to four weeks of installation, so you can estimate blending to take about the same amount of time.

For Nevada homeowners worried about weeds in their sod, two approaches can be taken. A grass-friendly, pre-emergent herbicide can be placed in the soil during preparation after any existing weeds have been removed. Or once the sod has been installed, homeowners can use a post-emergent weed killer to treat the specific areas where weeds are popping up.