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Las Vegas Residential Landscaping

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A well-designed, expertly maintained garden captivates the eye and improves property value. It also adds style and charm to your home and offers the perfect setting for weekends in the sun. So, why not consider residential landscaping in Las Vegas to give your Nevada home that unique touch?

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What Is a Residential Landscaping?

Residential landscaping is the treatment and design of the external space around the home to elevate its overall appearance and aesthetic value. However, landscaping doesn’t refer only to designing a beautiful garden. It can also encompass the installation of the design, setting up irrigation systems, and hardscaping. So whether you want to build a retaining wall, install a water feature, or incorporate Nevada’s natural desert landscapes into your garden to save on water, the best thing to do is contact landscaping services in Las Vegas.

How Can Landscaping Improve Your Residential Property?

Professional landscaping is a quick and easy way to increase the value of your property. Not only will it increase the market value of your home, but it also adds an exquisite curb appeal that makes the overall neighborhood more appealing.

An expertly landscaped front yard helps to catch the eyes of potential buyers and can even be the deciding factor that pushes through a sale. A home with a beautifully landscaped front yard invites buyers in, giving them a glimpse of the potential that awaits them inside.

However, backyard landscaping is as important. Buyers looking for family homes or places where they can entertain may look for a large back garden with rolling green lawns, a well-designed deck, vibrant flower beds, and garden lighting. Offering a backyard that meets buyers’ needs is an ideal way to boost the value of your home.

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Do You Need to Upgrade Your Residential Landscaping?

If you have looked at your garden recently and considered upgrading the current layout or style, you may find yourself searching for “residential landscaping companies near me.” In addition to providing excellent advice on seasonal gardens and landscape maintenance, residential landscaping companies like ours offer various services. So, take a look below at those we provide:

Residential Landscaping Services We Offer

Offering design and installation for new and existing spaces

Providing a hassle-free lawn solution

Adding stability and structure to your landscape

Implementing paths, walkways, and outdoor entertainment areas

Setting up systems to ensure easy watering of your new gardens

Offering level, elegant routes around your garden

Add the soothing sounds of water to your garden

Offer a unique way to entertain

Add ambiance to your garden at night

For a lush, green lawn

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Benefits of Hiring Residential Landscaping Companies Near Me

Contact the Best Residential Landscapers Near Me

Landscaping residential and commercial properties add value to the property in more ways than one. But, while most business premises have landscaped spaces, many homeowners don’t realize you can do the same for your garden or outdoor space at home. So, if you want to upgrade the outdoor areas surrounding your home, get in touch with the best residential landscaping Las Vegas team, and contact us today!

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Sod installation Service FAQ

Most people will spend about two hours installing a pallet of sod covering 500 to 700 square feet of ground. This refers to the actual unloading of the sod, cutting to size, and placement on the soil, but does not include the soil preparation for placement that must be completed before installation. Sod should sit on the pallet for no more than 12 hours before planting. 

While installing sod can be done relatively quickly, the preparation of the soil beforehand can take significantly longer. To prepare the ground before sod installation in Las Vegas our landscaping experts begin by clearing the ground of any debris like rocks or weeds and removing any existing grass patches that will interrupt the new sod.

Once cleared, it is necessary to till the ground a couple of inches until the top layer of soil is completely disturbed but level. While tilling or quickly afterward, a compost mix is added to enrich the soil. Once properly treated, landscapers will firm up the ground by adding some water and rolling over the soil. 

If the homeowner wants an in-the-ground sprinkler system, this is the time our designers will install it. Followed by another grating, the ground will finally be ready for sod installation.

Yes. Sod needs regular irrigation, with more waterings initially to help the grass plots take root. It is important to saturate the new sod within an hour of installation to stimulate root growth and give the grass the best chance to thrive.

Depending on sun and wind exposure, most Las Vegas homeowners can water their lawn just once or twice a day to maintain healthy coverage. Sprinkler systems are encouraged to help keep a regular watering schedule and cut down on accidental overwatering.

We recommend watering your new sod in the morning and evening to maximize absorption and minimize evaporation by the sun. A good rule of thumb is that you need to water the lawn if the top two inches of the soil is dry. 

It is best to avoid walking or putting heavy objects on new grass installations for two to four weeks after planting, depending on how quickly the grass takes root. Walking on sod that hasn’t taken root could damage the grass before it has a way to take in nutrients that help it quickly heal itself, potentially killing it. After a month of regular watering, the healthy sod will definitely be ready for regular use.

No, you cannot lay sod over existing grass because the roots of the new sod will not be able to penetrate the soil if blocked by densely rooted patches of existing grass. For this reason, it is important to remove any existing weeds or grass and till the ground before installing sod.

It will usually start to blend in as the grass takes root in the soil. Most new lawns are rooted within two to four weeks of installation, so you can estimate blending to take about the same amount of time.

For Nevada homeowners worried about weeds in their sod, two approaches can be taken. A grass-friendly, pre-emergent herbicide can be placed in the soil during preparation after any existing weeds have been removed. Or once the sod has been installed, homeowners can use a post-emergent weed killer to treat the specific areas where weeds are popping up.