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The Best Low Maintenance Pool Design and Landscaping Ideas

Placing a pool in your backyard gives you the perfect place to relax, especially during hot summer days. If you want to maximize the comfort, you need a stunning but low-maintenance pool landscape design. This guide gathers pool landscaping ideas you can use when decorating this area. Check out the suggestions below to enhance your backyard’s appearance!

Around the Pool String Lighting

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, landscape lighting can improve any area. As for the landscaping around pool regions, the experts suggest string lighting. The solution comes with many benefits, including a high brightness level. If the climate is hot, you can gather friends at night. String lights will contribute to the atmosphere, especially if you mix them with some music and some drinks.

The experts recommend using LED lights since they have these benefits over the traditional options:

  • They last longer than conventional lighting choices
  • LED lights are more efficient and will use less energy
  • It’s easy to install string lighting

String lighting comes with a safety note. You don’t want them hanging over your pool. Instead, attach them to the pool enclosure or a nearby wall. It’s easier and minimizes the safety risks, such as the electric shock if the string lighting touches the water.

Underwater LED Pool Lighting

Apart from illuminating the area around the pool, how about placing lighting inside the water? Underwater bulbs fit the concept of low-maintenance backyards. You’ll appreciate the versatility since you can pick from different colors. The installation shouldn’t be demanding, but it’s best to hire a professional.

LED lighting is a more affordable and durable choice. If it’s underwater, you’ll find it looks great on any occasion. Some lighting options even have color adjustments. You can use one shade when alone by the pool and another when making a party. It also allows experimenting with different landscaping ideas around pool lighting. You can use one color this season and change the shade to adjust the entire appearance of the area.

Fire Pits

Fireplace Lighting

A firepit fits the low-maintenance pool landscape design concept while delivering many benefits. For starters, it adds to the area’s aesthetic appearance. Most homeowners pick the stone and other materials that are in line with modern and contemporary decors.

If it gets a bit colder in the evening, you can gather around a fireplace. Even if you don’t swim in the pool, this low-maintenance pool landscaping setup is an excellent place to spend time. If you have friends that play guitar or sing, you can make a memorable evening out of every gathering.

A fireplace can even be a place to make barbecue. Some models come with grilling areas if you love BBQ parties. Finally, a firepit offers natural lighting and can be an impressive accent piece.

Stone Walkway to the Pool

Some people don’t like stepping on grass, especially with wet feet. If you want to ensure optimal comfort, a stone walkway is an excellent alternative. Whether you plan a big walkway or need a small backyard pool plan, don’t hesitate to experiment with colors.

You can find slabs of numerous shades and patterns. The first option is to match the deck’s tone. If you are bold, you can make a contrast to make the pathway more noticeable. Either way, slab paths will add that classic touch to your backyard. Additionally, it will help keep the water and deck clean since there’s no risk of grass ending up in the pool. Setting a slabbed pathway is an affordable solution and a smart long-term investment.

Recycled Garden Planters

The foundation of a low-maintenance pool landscape design is minimal investment. That includes reusing any items you don’t need anymore. And if it’s time to replace your car tires, don’t throw out the old ones.

Tires can serve as a great alternative to pots. You might need large pots for your plants, which can be a significant investment. Apart from saving some money, you’ll also show responsibility toward the environment. The tires won’t end up in a landfill, but they’ll get a new purpose. If you feel creative, you can consider painting the tires. Pick the color that will suit the low-maintenance pool landscaping plants you selected.

Add Some Accent Plants

Accent plants are an excellent method to boost your low-maintenance pool design. If you have plants in your backyard, work around them. The color and lushness these plants provide will ensure the entire area looks vivid. If you get creative enough, you can make a true haven.

Palm trees are convenient since they are resilient and don’t demand much maintenance. They’ll also ensure the entire idea resembles an island. Some other options to go with include aloe vera, live oaks, and octopus agave. These plants won’t shed, which simplifies the entire maintenance process.

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He is currently living in Las Vegas, and cooperating with Visualized Landscape as a content marketer. 

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