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The Best Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants

You want a beautiful garden but lack the time and motivation to put much effort into maintaining it. Instead of lawn mowing and branch cutting, you prefer relaxing in your backyard.

That’s why you need low-maintenance landscaping plants. Some shrubs and herbs require minimal effort to look stunning, and you can find the top recommendations below!

What Are the Most Low-Maintenance Outdoor Plants?

While choosing easy outdoor plants, read more about their maintenance requirements. The best way to take care of a herb depends on the species.

Find those plants that fit your backyard landscaping design and maintenance preferences. Check out these suggestions to help you pick!

Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy is a hybrid native to California. It is famous for its thick green foliage and white blooms with yellow central sections.

The leaves are endurable, and you can enjoy them year-round in warm climates. But please note daisies aren’t safe for pets, so don’t let your dog or cat near them.


Coneflower is ideal for adding color with its dazzling flowers and foliage. It has excellent tolerance to drought, and it attracts pollinators and insects, such as bees and butterflies. 

Rabbits find coneflower attractive to eat, so consider protecting it in the spring. The plant can be up to three feet tall. You can pick from different flower colors, such as pink, yellow, orange, and red.

easy to grow

Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy hibiscus is famous for short-lasting blooms. While they only endure a couple of days, new flowers replace them quickly.

Hardy hibiscus is among low-maintenance landscaping plants, but it needs at least an average soil quality to grow. If it reaches its potential, the herb can go up to seven feet tall.

Perennial Geranium

Geraniums are strong and durable, and their low water requirements are why you can often see these herbs in cemeteries. But geraniums are colorful and low maintenance, making them great for pots on your patio. The standard varieties remind you of a tree. The top has a single flowering stem.


Hosta is among low-maintenance landscaping plants with a unique appearance. The herb’s foliage is its primary characteristic. The leaves feature a mixture of yellow and green.

You don’t need special garden soil for the hosta. It grows up to four feet tall with minimum care. The only thing required is protection against rabbits, snails, and other critters.


If you come close to catmint, you’ll sense its dazzling smell. The lavender-blue flowers are its prominent feature. Apart from the aroma, they’ll add to your garden’s attractiveness.

 Catmint is among the easy outdoor plants for maintenance, making it suitable to cover more extensive areas. Most varieties grow up to 36 inches, but you can give them a haircut. 

Black-eyed Susan

Apart from an unusual name, this plant is famous for being easy to grow anywhere. It’s resistant to drought and doesn’t attract rabbits.

Black-eyed Susan has a central brown chocolate part with golden-yellow flowers around it. The plant grows incredibly fast, so you might need to remove extra herbs occasionally.


Sedum will impress you with its varieties. Whether you like creeping or upright succulents, this plant will be an ideal fit. Sedum is resistant to drought, making it suitable for water-conserving landscaping. If you have a rocky area in your garden, this herb is perfect to border it.



Coreopsis belongs to easy-care perennial plants. It doesn’t require special soil and can grow in most areas.

Depending on the variety, flowers could be yellow, red, purple, or orange. Coreopsis is an excellent choice to add bold colors to your garden. The plant can grow up to four feet tall and requires full sun exposure.


Would you like to add an exotic touch to your garden? If yes, contact your Las Vegas landscaping contractor and ask about ferns. These perennial plants are tough and ideal for shady areas with limited sun exposure.

You can keep them in a sunny location, but it’s necessary to water them well. The sheer variety of ferns will ensure you find one that fits your preference easily.

What Is the Best Low-Maintenance Shrub?

Are you looking for low-maintenance small shrubs for the front of the house? These can be great as a foundation plant as they’ll spice up the appearance of your house exterior.

It’s all about finding the most suitable option for your home since there’s no one-size-fits-all best low-maintenance shrub.

What Are the Best Low-Maintenance Evergreen Shrubs?

Here are some ideas for low-maintenance small shrubs for the front of the house: 

  • Sprinter Boxwood. It features oval leaves that best succeed in partial shade.
  • Densa Japanese. It has needle-like foliage and requires regular watering.
  • False Cypress. The plant goes by the name golden-charm for its stunning yellow color. It grows up to six feet and is great for the front of the house.
  • Chinese Privet. It’s a dwarf shrub with yellow leaves and dazzling fragrance.

What Is a Low-Maintenance Flowering Shrub?

If you think flowering shrubs are the ideal fit for your garden, check out these options:

  • Japanese Spirea. Although it’s an Asia native, it’s suitable for the full sun as it allows its pink blooms to develop.
  • Summersweet clethra. It grows to six feet and doesn’t require pruning until late winter.
  • Daphne. This plant has beautiful blooms and glossy leaves perfect for small gardens.
  • Hebe. Here’s another small shrub with clusters of beautiful flowers. It can be ideal for border areas.

If you need suggestions on the best fit for your garden, don’t hesitate to contact us for a recommendation!

About the author:


Andrew Herbert is an established content writer and editor with a passion for architecture, landscape design, and home improvement projects, along with native and drought-tolerant gardening. Andrew enjoys giving readers the most up-to-date and relevant information in a clear, friendly manner.


He is currently living in Las Vegas, and cooperating with Visualized Landscape as a content marketer. 

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