What is Artificial Grass Infill and Why Do You Need It?

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What is Artificial Grass Infill and Why Do You Need It?

If you’re looking into artificial grass installation then you will probably come across quite a few new terms you might not instantly understand. Time to do some research. What is artificial grass infill and why is it needed for your artificial grass? Let’s dive into the importance of this substance and how you can install it for your synthetic grass surfaces.


What is Artificial Grass Infill?

Artificial grass infill is the material that is put in between the blades. Infill for artificial turf plays fills out the spaces that are left between those blades but also has a variety of other functions to help with turf health and turf maintenance.

Does Synthetic Turf Need Infill?

Most types of artificial grass infill are helpful and serve a purpose to the grass itself. This is one of the things that can keep the turf springy rather than flat, and it is much better for your dog or for your kids to play on.

The artificial grass infill also makes it look better, protects the foundation, helps with drainage, and generally keeps the grass infill in better condition, so it should last a lot longer.

What are the Different Types of Artificial Turf Infill?

There are different types of infill, and which you use depends on a few factors. You can discuss the specifics of your outdoor space with landscaping contractors near you to choose the most suitable infill for your backyard.

infill for artificial grass

  • Silica Sand

A lot of people use Silica Sand for artificial grass infill as it is relatively affordable. It looks and feels a bit like beach sand that we’re all familiar with but it also helps to protect the turf from ultraviolet rays and doesn’t overheat.

  • Acrylic Sand

This is also a sand-based synthetic turf infill that is coated in acrylic. It is one of the best options for avoiding smells and potential buildup of bacteria as it has antibacterial protection via acrylic.

  • Zeofill

Zeofill is natural and biodegradable, and a honeycomb design that traps the smell from pets and other bacteria. It’s a clever design preferred by a lot of pet owners and for a natural solution.

  • Walnut Shell

Great for the warmer months, walnut shell infill absorbs water and doesn’t expand too much, plus it keeps the grass pretty cool, plus it is made from organic components. Another popular option for pets, and for hot environments.

What Kind of Infill Should You Use?

The right kind of infill depends on your own unique needs. For instance, if you live somewhere warm you may need an infill that can help to combat this so that the grass temperatures don’t get too high. This is especially important if you have children or pets using the space. 

 Of course, factors like the budget will also come into consideration, but it is often worth investing more for an infill that can last years. Contact us if you have any questions regarding suitable infill.

What is the Best Artificial Grass Infill for Pets?

Most options are fine for pets but don’t use Silica Sand if you are going to have pets making a mess in the garden and using it as a toilet, as the bacteria and smells can quickly build up.  Zeofill is a recommended option due to its natural design.

dog sitting on synthetic turf infill

Which Turf Infill Stays the Coolest?

Walnut shell does a brilliant job of staying cool and is designed to help out in warm environments. If you live somewhere hot and you are worried about the buildup of heat and UV rays on your lawn then this could be the best synthetic grass infill.

How Do You Install Turf Infill?

In bigger spaces, a drop spreader is the best option, as it gradually spreads the infill. For smaller areas, a scoop shovel can be used and the infill can be spread around with wire brushes with hard bristles. A handheld power brush is best for ensuring that the infill is properly installed around the grass.


When you are first getting the grass installed it makes sense to get the professionals to install the infill, this can provide peace of mind that you have the infill adequately installed and built to last for years to come, supporting your artificial grass and keeping it clean, cool, and springy. 

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